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Kroger Community Rewards

If you are a regular shopper at Kroger, we have a way for you to partner with Kroger and help us to better serve our community. 

Click here and register your rewards card for Heritage Christian Church. Once you have registered, a percentage of every dollar you spend will be set aside for Heritage. On a regular basis, Kroger sends a check to Heritage that we will use for community engagement. 

This is a way for you to support our community engagement ministry and it doesn't cost you anything, other than the time to register your card. 

Please register your card today!

If you have already registered your card - see below for re-enrollment instructions

Kroger Community Rewards Re-enrollment starts Tuesday, August 1, 2015


The Kroger Community Rewards (KCR) program is evaluated annually, and the time for Kroger Plus Card holders to re-enroll is now. The Atlanta Division launched the program in September 1, 2013 and Card holders must re-enroll to begin accumulating dollars for their schools, charities, and organizations starting September 1, 2015.  This year, Kroger is proud to donate $600,000 to local schools and nonprofits through this Kroger Plus Card based fundraiser. 


All organizations that have already signed up for Community Rewards DO NOT have to enroll again.  Once an organization is signed up for the program they continue to be active.

 An organization's enrolled members and supporters DO have to re-enroll every August.  They will not have to set up a new Kroger.com account only link their card again to the organization of their choosing.


Now through August 31, 2015 customers may re-enroll.  Their current selection will not be affected and continue to earn rewards through the end of this program year (August 31, 2015).  Their re-enrollment organization will start earning for the new program year starting September 1, 2015




Past programs of this nature tend to lose their impact over long periods of time. Participants need to have an active role in order for the program to continue to be effective and engage our customers.