Students ( grades 6 - 12)


Grades 6th ,7th  and 8th  

Heritage Christian Church is excited about our Middle School (Grades 6-8) ministry on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  Middle School is such a critical time in the spiritual development of students, and we're just not willing to compromise.  Our goal is to make a special place for kids in grades 6th, 7th and 8th to learn and grow while keeping it cool and fun.  

Our Middle School Ministry provides connection points for students to do just that:  Connect!  Each event for students in grades 6-8 is designed for teens to bond and relate with each other in a way that makes their faith in Jesus real. Developing young minds to fully rely on God in their lives engages them in the church of today, and prepares them for success as they grow. Sure, we have fun; overnighters, live bands, exciting activities, and other cool stuff.  But it's more than being fun.  It's about being relevant.  Come engage!

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Who are you?  I mean, really.  Who are you?

High School is a season of discovery; of finding yourself.  At Heritage we encourage that.  Our goal is to see each student grow and actually become the great dream that God has mapped out for us.  Students are challenged during our large-group programs on Wednesday nights (Aftershock), they connect and challenge each other during our small-group time, and have lots of opportunities to stretch out and become their own person.  12th grade students are members of our student leadership team which meets monthly to help map out what goes on for students at HCC.

Still have questions?  No problem.  Send us an e-mail and one of our Student Ministry staff will send a reply.  No question is too small.